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Have You Seen A Rolls Lately?

While we don’t see that many Rolls – Royce vehicles driving on South African roads, the survey had this to say about the owners of these vehicles: ‘While Minis appeal to several different types of people, owners of the classic English luxury vehicle Rolls – Royce can’t be pigeonholed beyond the fact that they’re rich.’ “As you can imagine, our customers do not really take surveys,” says Rolls-Royce spokeswoman Karen Vonder Meulen. “The one common thread that all our customers share is a passion for life and most truly love cars.”

So who owns a Rolls – Royce? ‘Indeed, well-known Rolls – Royce owners range from royal families to … well let’s see’ Just in case you thought Rolls Royce owners were only snotty old Englishmen,take a look at this. ‘Recording artist T-Pain, who ranks No. 9 on Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, owns North America’s first Rolls-Royce Drophead. The fire-engine-red coupe boasts a 12-cylinder, 453-horsepower engine and a top speed of 150 miles per hour. Base price: $435,000.’ In South African terms this is around 240 km per hour at a base price of only R3 622 520!


So where does all this leave You?

Next time you are about to jump into your car, stop for a second and have a good look at your car; then have a good look at yourself. Is your car YOU? Does your car reflect the ideals and values YOU stand for? Are the messages your car is sending out about YOU the correct ones? If not you could always consider a new Rolls – Royce; that is, if you just happen to have the odd R3 million lying around.If you don’t, the next best thing you can do is keep the car you have clean and shining. So why notconsider using StopWash the next time you drive into one of the 17 shopping malls where we operate. (See the list on this site) We will not only clean your car, but since you do not have to be present while we do our thing, you are free to do your thing in the shopping mall. You never know, by the time we are finished on your car, you might find that it has just the right image for you; that is if quality and a deep perfect shine are what you stand for!

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