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Overwhelming Customer Response

Company Overview

Any company that can grow and thrive while continually creating new job opportunities must be a winner in South Africa. StopWash was started 15 years ago as a job creation project, since then the company has successfully seen over 4000 people enjoy the much needed security of a regular income, opportunities to educate their children and increased self - respect coupled with a dramatic upgrading of their lifestyles.

South Africa’s Largest Car Wash

Besides offering much needed employment opportunities StopWash has also made certain that the company is run along strict business lines by ensuring that our service and product offerings are of the very highest quality available in South Africa. As a result of our professional approach to offering & delivering our services, Stopwash has grown into South Africa's largest and most convenient car wash initiative. We now wash over 60,000 cars per month and since inception of the company has washed over 7 million cars.


We have established our operations in over 18 Premier Shopping Malls such as Sandton City, Menlyn Park, The V&A Waterfront, Eastgate, Rosebank Mall and Fourways Mall throughout Gauteng & the Western Cape where we offer our specialised services. We also offer our services to the staff of some of South Africa’s most prominent companies such as Investec, Werksmans Attorneys,  Edward Nathan, Primemedia and Liberty Properties.

Overwhelming Customer Response

The overwhelming public response to the Stopwash Service offering has so radically exceeded our growth expectations that each year we have been in the fortunate position of continually expanding our footprint throughout South Africa. Customers enjoy the concept of a high quality service that is both convenient and affordable, and stakeholders are willing to invest in a project that is sustainable and empowering.

What Makes Us Unique?

We use a waterless car wash technique; this means there is no water in the vicinity of the car being cleaned. We guarantee the most sophisticated products all of which are patented. The core of our brand is our patented waterless was system; Crystal Ice, which has been used effectively to wash over 7 million vehicles to date.


Customer Convenience

The uniqueness of the StopWash model offers customers not only our exceptional car clean service but also the incredible convenience of having their cars cleaned whilst they go about their shopping, banking, gyming or taking time out for coffee breaks. How is this possible? Due to the fact that customers do not have to be present while their cars are being cleaned they are free to use their time as they please.


This incredible convenience factor that is built into the StopWash service offering, no doubt presents a major value added service for patrons of shopping malls. They can save time and energy by getting their cars cleaned without having to wait in queues and be physically present while their cars are being washed. Our specially trained StopWash VTs, who greet these patrons where they park in the car parkades, are fully equipped to clean cars whilst our customers enjoy themselves in SA's premier shopping malls. 

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