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Environment Toxins Could Damage Your Car

We all know that every day our cars are subjected to pollutants and other emissions in the environment that damage the surfaces of our cars.


For example according to the experts’emissions from industrial plants that are released into the environment are transformed into nitric or sulphuric acid. When deposited onto your car, in either a wet or a dry state, these contaminants can eat paint and, in extreme cases, metal.Temperature accelerates the problem. Acid from bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and even leaves becomes more active when heated. Metal retains heat when sitting out in the sun, which in turn increases the chances that these irritants will cause permanent stains when left on your car.

 This does not bode well for car owners in South Africa where we have very intense heat in our summers. It is also interesting to note, the experts state that while water is an effective way to remove thesecontaminants, it can also trap them on metal surfaces if not removed correctly itself, allowing oxidation to occur, which ultimately causes rust and corrosion. Sea or road salt exacerbates the problem by causing a chemical reaction that can accelerate pitting and rusting.


The Danger of Time

However as harmful as all these environmental pollutants are it was found that all of these issues pale in comparison to time. ‘The longer an offensive substance is left on your vehicle, the greater the probability and extent of damage.’


People Judge Your Car by Appearances

Even though today you may ignore the damage that is taking place on the surface of your car, one day when you come to sell or trade in your car you, you may regret that you did not look after yourcar better. Remember, just as we judge how people care for themselves by their appearances, so too do people judge how well a car has been cared for by the way it looks and the condition of its surface and interior. Appearances do matter and no-one wants to lose thousands of rands when selling or trading in their vehicles for something as simple as failing to clean their car correctly and regularly. The bottom line according to the experts is ‘a vehicle that has a pitted or stained finish or splotches of rust is a turnoff, and thus is worth less than a car that looks pristine, regardless of how you maintained the vehicle mechanically — sad, but true.’


It’s not too late to Change!

Like many things in life, if you are not cleaning your car regularly, it is not too late to change. The general agreement amongst the specialists is that it is recommended cleaning your car once per week. The ideal way to have your car cleaned is professionally, using the highest quality products on the market.According to car clean experts many people make the mistake of using dishwashing soap or a household cleaner on their cars; these products contain harsh detergents that can strip wax and damage paint. As Craig Burnett, chemist for a specialist car clean product manufacturer puts it: “Car-wash products are designed to remove automotive dirt from cars, not grime from clothes or grease from dishes. Don’t confuse your kitchen with your garage.”


Stopwash Will Help Preserve the Value of Your Vehicle

It is for this precise reason that StopWash spent almost 2 years researching our car clean productsbefore we entered the market. Today over 10 years later with 3 million cars cleaned we have developed a reputation for providing the highest quality, safest car wash in the country. Our products are specifically developed for our market, with the objective of not only cleaning cars but also providing them with a 4 – in – 1 car clean solution that shines, polishes, waxes and protects their cars.The uniqueness of our product is that a 60ml bottle can clean a complete car using our distinctive spray – on technology. Once sprayed on the car the product forms bubbles that gently lift the dirt which is then removed with the smooth action of micro – fibre cloths. There is no harsh rubbing or scratching. The result is a beautiful smooth finish that restores the richness and glow of the vehicles surface.



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