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Did you know that not washing your car after every time it rains, or even leaving it unclean and unpolished for a couple of weeks, ensures that the dirt and grime on your car becomes more and more ingrained into your car’s bodywork and begins to erode the cars paint?

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Most careful and cautious car owners are well-aware of regular maintenance and tune-ups for their vehicle, whether it’s a car, a 4x4, SUV or any type of vehicle. However, washing and cleaning of one’s car is often overlooked and considered just a cosmetic or vanity exercise. But that’s not the case. Washing your car correctly is the best way to protect its coating, especially against impurities like acid rain, bird droppings and road tar that gets baked into car through our hot summers sun.


How often should you wash your vehicle? The answer is that you can wash it as often as you want, but usually once a week is enough. Dirt and contaminants should be removed before they have a chance to attack and permanently adhere themselves to your car’s paint. There is no such thing as washing your car too often.



How To Wash your Car like an expert

  • Start by rinsing off your entire car with clean water from a hose or bucket, make sure you get any dirt out from under things like the wiper blades.

  • Always wash the wheels first. Your vehicle’s wheels and tires will be extremely dirty and require the most scrubbing. 

  • Refill your buckets with fresh soap and water as needed throughout the process.

  • Pre-treat any stains (oil, bugs, bird droppings) and apply removal soap directly to the area.

  • Start washing and periodically use a rag or water to rinse the car and dirt away.

  • Do not scrub too hard, and make sure you wash in straight even lines. Using a circular motion can create swirl marks that will last and cause spots. 

  • Rinse off throughout the wash, especially as you move around the vehicle to new areas.

  • Once you wash all sides and rinse, use a towel and air to dry the car thoroughly to prevent water spots and sunspots from forming. 


After having said all of this, we know that your reaction will most likely be, “Whose got the time, energy and patience to keep washing their car in this manner up to 4 or 5 times a month?”


You’re right! Very few people have that sort of time to waste doing it, even if its on the weekend, you’d much rather be doing a hundred other things in your spare time than washing your car and your spouse’s!


Indeed, many people take their cars to a car wash, and although you can read a book or shoot the breeze whilst the car wash does the dirty work for you, you’re still sitting around wasting your time.


But there are other alternatives. StopWash, SA’s largest car wash is located in many major shopping mall’s parking lots, where their highly and professionally trained washers will take care of your car, while you’re out shopping, having a bite to eat, having coffee with a mate, or at the cinemas.


In this way, you will be using time more efficiently, whilst getting the best service and car wash in the Southern hemisphere.


StopWash is the car wash with a big difference - we are dedicated to help our customers properly maintain their vehicles, and protect their investment, not just with the service we give, but with the superior products we use. 

StopWash is not just about quality care. What makes us truly different, is that we also care about your convenience and saving you time. That is why we have just recently innovated and launched our new free app for speed and efficiency.

What the StopWash Smart Phone App allows you to do:

  • Easy to download from Apple Store or Google Play Store

  • Upload your credit card details with ease into a secure payment gateway

  • Stores your credit card details and payment records for next time you want to pay

  • Allows you to choose which type of car wash you want from the menu

  • Has a demo instruction set up guide so you get each step right

  • You never have to have cash on you for a StopWash car wash at our locations

  • Enables you tip the washer if you choose

  • It lists all the shopping mall locations where we are currently washing cars


By downloading and using our super quick and convenient StopWash app, you get your car shined and polished by one of our expertly trained washers, and paid for in no time, eliminating the need to have the right cash on you, and having it done whilst you're out shopping or doing business at one of the premier malls where StopWash is located. 

What’s more is that StopWash has a great promotion on right now:


So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and

claim this amazing offer now!

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