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Treat Your Car- Treat Yourself!

StopWash is much more than your regular car wash. At a regular car wash it’s all about your car.

At StopWash we understand that your car and you are inseparable. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in your car? The average person who uses their car just over 2 hours per day and a few hours extra on weekends, plus holiday trips spends over 1000 hours in their car during the course of a year. Assuming a person has their car for 5 years, we are looking at 5000 to 6000 hours in your car!

Ask yourself if you spend that long with your friends, your children, or even your spouse? Of course if you do spend so much time with a person you would expect them to look neat, clean and well groomed most of the time. Shouldn’t you also expect that of your car? After all not only do you spend so many hours in your car, while you are driving on the roads your car is like your clothes. You wouldn’t go out wearing dirty, stained, uncared for clothes, so once again wouldn’t you expect your ‘clothes on the road’ to carry your image of elegance and cleanliness?

We can see then that you and your car are much more closely linked than you may have thought. But there is a problem. Dirty clothes get thrown into the laundry. You go and do what you feel like. When you return they are clean and ready to wear.But with a car it’s different. As much as you would love a clean car and a cool image on the road, you can’t just ‘chuck’ your car into a laundry and go do your own thing while it gets shined and preened. No ways, you need to drive to a car wash, wait in the queue to go under the big brushes, get out your car and wait again while it gets cleaned. All in all it could take over an hour of your time. If you are a hectic person on the go, you don’t have that kind of time once or twice a week.Your real issue: You don’t want to spend lots of time with a grubby partner; and you don’t want to hit the roads in ‘clothes’ that haven’t been cleaned for a week or 3!

But you just don’t have the time to do anything about it.Not so fast. This is one issue that you needn’t stress or get anxious about. No running around in sweaty panics when you realise you finally got that unbelievable date you have been waiting 6 months for and then, shock, horror you look at your grubby, grimy, dust infected car!! As fear grips you, you just can’t stop hearing that question in your head “what will she think of me when she sees my car? “OH NO” you cry out “What am I going to do, no time to go to a car wash, no-one around to clean my car properly! I am ruined, I am finished. I can’t leave work early to clean my car.” You cringe as you feel your best chance at the woman of your dreams sliding away with the grime rolling down your car windows. You flop forward on your desk and cry out in desperation: “Why does this always happen to ME? Why, Why whyyyyyy?

Now just think of this. If you had known about StopWash you would have simply done the following: At lunch time on the day of your evening date you would have pulled into one of the premier shopping malls where StopWash operates. As you parked your dirty, grimy car, one of StopWash’s trained Valet Technicians (VTs for short) would have approached you and in a very friendly and polite manner offered you 3 beautiful solutions to turn your grimy, disgusting car into the ultimate chariot of sparkling shine and devastating polish.

Then while this VT was attending to your car, you would have gone into the shopping mall, perhaps taken a haircut, bought some cool clothes, read a book or two on how to turn a date into a lifelong romance, picked up a special gift for your ‘special’ date or just taken a relaxed coffee break to plot your plan for the evening. Whatever you chose, you would have known that after 30 minutes you could have walked out of that shopping mall and you would have had to look twice before you recognised the transformation your car had gone through.

No longer looking like someone’s discarded breakfast your car would be shining from top to tyre with a rich, silky finish that purred gently as you glided your hands along the neat curves of the vehicle’s exterior.Now without rubbing it in, we need to ask you: Isn’t that how every date should begin?You see, like we said at the beginning, StopWash is a car wash, that is true; and yes we do care about your car, that is VERY true; but what makes our promise to you so special and unique is that we understand You and Your car are ONE. We cannot just clean your car, without thinking about YOU.So next time you need your car cleaned don’t wait until it’s too late – just remember when you come to one of SA’s premier malls, StopWash will be waiting to Treat Your Car. But of course, we know our service to You will not be complete unless we also give You the time You need to Treat Yourself! Because like we said: To us, You and Your car are ONE!

StopWash is South Africa’s largest car wash, cleaning over 80 000 cars per month. We can be found at 23 premier locations throughout Gauteng and in the Western Cape

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