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The Training Academy

Speaking of training StopWash has always maintained that we are much more than your ‘average car wash’. In order to offer our customers a highly professional and enjoyable experience, we ensure all our washers (Valet Technicians – VTs for short) and Supervisors are properly trained at our Training Academy.

Their training includes how to clean a car the StopWash way. This means understanding how each of our branded products work and how to apply them to produce the desirable StopWash shine on our customers’ cars. The training includes how to approach customers in order to market our services to them. Trainees also spend a considerable amount of time role playing in order to develop a sense of professionalism.  This includes learning how to carry themselves in the car parkades and how to deal with customer inquiries. Our goal is to continually raise our service levels so we can increase the value we offer to our customers.

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